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Up the Volcanos  Lokon  and


(Last update 25-01-2007)

The Homestays "New Volcano", "Lokon Valley" and "Happy Flower", were starting point for our walks to the volcanos. Since the Lokon is still frequently active, you should by all means ask the "Volcanology centre" about the present security situation by phone or enquire in your Homestay before climbing up. I had missed that the first time in 2001. I learned only later that the time when I was at the crater was highly dangerous. Few days later the Lokon spat out a shower of ash which covered the streets several centimetres high, still in 20 km of distance .

You can also easily find both the Mt. Lokon and the Mt. Mahawu by yourself and you can get very good information as well as an outline in the "Lokon Valley". For me it was a stroke of luck when I became acquainted with William, a man of West Papua. He worked as an employee there and offered me his services as a guide. He was a kind, competent and primarily honest helper, aside in all questions and did not make any exaggerated financial demands. When I asked 2005 for him, though, he has already returned to his homeland again.

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Pictures of our Trip up the Volcanos

With the following photos I would like to convey you an impression of my experiences of the last years on Bunaken:


Our bungalow in Volcano ResortWilliam, my friend from West PapuaBreakfast
  This bungalow offered sufficient room for our family of 5 persons. It is located in an spaceous area beneath the Lokon.   William, a former teacher from Biak (West Papua) has become a lovable friend for me during my stay in Tomohon.


  The breakfast was served to us in the midst of a pond in a free air restaurant.  
Way to the volcano LoconUp to the Locon through tropical flora
The way to the Lokon could be simply found since we permanently had the mountain before our eyes. After about 15 minutes we reached a dried out brook bed.   Surrounded by a tropical flora at first the way still went gently uphilly.  
ClimbingBrook bed of stiffened lava
  One had to climb from time to time. But there were no invincible obstacles. Even with a ruptured Achilles tendon (what I didn't know at that time) I made the climbing


  The complete brook bed consists of stiffened lava.  
Shortly before de crater it gets more and more coolerAt the edge of the crater
We are shortly before the destination. It gets cooler and cooler.   And we already are at the edge of the crater.  
Stinking sulphur steams ascending from the bottom of the craterLook back at Tomohon
  Thick, stinking sulphur steams allow the look at the bottom of the crater only from time to time.


  A look back at Tomohon.  
Charred treeLook on the crater and on the islands of Bunaken and Manado TuaOur children in a fish restaurant in Tomohon
  Witnesses to an eruption: Charred tree remains   Look from above on the crater of the Lokon and behind this on the sea with the islands of Bunaken and Manado Tua   After the climb-down we immediately went to the fish restaurant in Tomohon, in which I had eaten excellent goldfish a year before. The fish are immediately before the preparation caught in the pond of their own in front of the guests. This time, unfortunately, I have forgotten the name again. Who knows it? Please write e-mail.


The Crater of MahawuPath around the crater of Mahawu with thick sulphur clouds
  This is, the crater of the Mahawu to which I climbed in 2001 .. On older photos it still is pictured with a green lake ..   A narrow path leads around the crater. One must pay attention to the wind direction and mustn't stay in these thick sulphur clouds too long. When I had almost walked around the crater on this path, a strong cloudburst started so that the path to below swelled up fast to a torrential brook.


On the way to the volcano MahawuOn the jungle path to the volcano MahawuAm Ziel - erst mal rasten
  Supplement 2005: Our ascent to the Mahawu  passing open fields, the "kitchen garden of Manado", at last on a not too steep jungle path, lasted approx. 45 minutes.