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Tours round Bunaken

(update last on 14-05-2006)

Why only Bali?

Everybody knows Bali. Who already was in Indonesia dreams of Bali's beaches, the volcanos, the picturesque paddy-fields. And he likes to remember the kind people with their temples, dances, cremations and their hospitality. On the island of Sulawesi the country of the Torajas is the most known. It is primarily the unique burial rites which have touristly made the country so famous.

My Tip: North Sulawesi

North Sulawesi became a quiet tip particularly for divers and snorkellers within the last few years. This region has got world-famous not least by the most informative internet pages of Peter Blumtritt, North Sulawesi and North Sulawesi Information Pages.

One can recognize fast that it is worthwhile not to go to North Sulawesi only because of its sub-water world. The country of the Minahasa also offers a variety of rewarding destinations which one can reach on a 1 to more-day tour from Manado.

I have done some of these trips during my stays in the years 2001 to 2006. Partly on my own initiative, partly organized or with guide. And I have detected: One can see and experience much -also for little money- if one takes a couple of days time and does not make any heavy demands with respect to comfort.

In this case you should not be persuaded by one of the many self-appointed guides to a tour with the "car of a friend". If you have much time, you can find out with which public or half public transport you can reach your destination. Also nearby your accommodation on Bunaken bustle many "guides" who offer their more or less competent and reasonably priced services. If you did not like to take too big risk, you can also have a look at the page guided tours, too.

Perhaps I can arouse a little bit your interest with my photographic reports:


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