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Sightseeing Exkursions  through the  Minahasa  Highlands

(update on 27-1-2007)

TOMOHON is the starting point for most excursions. But also because of its pleasant climate Tomohon is an ideal place of residence for tourists. Many inhabitants of Manado - if they can afford it - have their weekend house there above.


Pictures of our Trip through the Minahasa Higlands:

With the following photos I would like to convey you an impression of our experiences:


Im Bus nach TomohonNew Volcano Homestay
Driving up from Manado to TOMOHON, a pleasant coolness greeted us there. However sometimes we got hot during the journey: When our bus driver cut the corner; and during the overhaul of other vehicles. If you want to reach one of the three reasonably priced Homestays, you must get out in the district "Kakaskasen II". From therE you go on a side road approx. 15 minutes until the end   In 2005 we stayed again in the "New Volcano" because of its nice manager. Regarding the condition of the cottages, however, we were disappointed this time. In the evening we had our dinner à la carte in the "LOKON VALLEY Homestay" opposite. Caution: Since they cook extra for the guests, one should already order in advance in time. If you hear something rustling in the room at night, then it is certainly a rat, looking for something edible. So nothing to get excited about


Minahasa warriors in old battledressesDog's heads for sale at the market of Tomohon
    On our walk on the interminably long main street of Tomohon these Minahasa warriors in their old battledresses came on the scene and posed for a picture.   The market of Tomohon is just next to the bus terminal. We did not accept the kind offer of this seller. We decided in favour of fresh fruits as provisions for our day tours instead.


The sulphurous Linow LakeHot sulphur water bubbles from the earth
  Look at the Lake Linow at Lahendong, a sulphurous crater lake whose colours shimmer in a changing green.   The floor simmers everywhere in this area: Hot water bubbles from the yellowish white earth and the air is filled with a strong sulphur smell. We had to walk here quite carefully because the ground is in places very brittle and the danger to scald our feet was very big.  
Kali WaterfallsWonderful Bouganville blossoms
    Along our way to the "Waruga graves" in the village Sawangan we took in this waterfall (Kali Waterfall)   The road in this village was lined by flower gardens. I never saw Bouganville blossoms in such fullness and colour variety like here. The residents of this place have specialized in the cultivation of flowers.


Waruga Stone Graves in SavanganWaruga Stone Graves in Savangan
  In these stone graves named "Waruga" the deceaseds of the village of SAVANGAN became buried  in squating position. The reliefs show typical scenes from their life. By the way also foreigners (e.g. Japanese and Spaniard) found their last resting-place on this cemetery.


Outrigger race in TanahwangkoChildren on the beach of Tanahwangko
In 2001 I was invited by an Indonesian friend into his native village TANAHWANGKO (approx. 25 km south of Manado). After I had enjoyed the hospitality of his family, we still had a walk on the beach. Suddenly I was amongst high-ranking personalities like mayor, chief constable of the district etc. as a German guest of honour and was asked to deliver an adress. On this day the traditional  outrigger race took place, as a great event of the year.


  One could recognize at the enthusiasm of the young generation that a white tourist might only quite seldom go astray to this village. Yes, I had even the impression that, for these children, I represented a greater attraction than the real celebration cause, the race.  
Woloan Village: Traditional Minahasa Houses in WoloanWoloan Village: Traditional Minahasa Houses in Woloan
On the way back to Tomohon we stopped in the famous WOLOAN Village. Here the traditional Minahasa houses are produced in prefabricated construction in various sizes and forms. This house e.g. would already be awailable for € 5,000.


Hot bath near Karumenga village
Near KARUMENGA I found a place, a little outside the village, where the residents, seperate according to sexes, take their hot bath. Since it was definitely the men's turn I could follow the invitation and join them. This village bathtub is a little pond fed by a hot source. The water enriched with soap and dirt drains away on the other side again. I was very lucky because, one usually shows the tourists only the public baths.