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Land for Sale or to Lease on Bunaken

updated: 01-11-2014

Under certain Conditions, the land can also be leased long-term for free:

In particular, ..

  • As a component of the to established (Diving) Resort a bungalow has to be built, which is available 2 months per year to our use.
  • The facilities of the Resorts can be used free of charge.

Why is the property not used by ourselves?

Because we stay annually only about 2 months in Indonesia, the property is the rest of the year without supervision and, hence, easily victim of theft and vandalism. Also because of my advanced age in the meantime (66) I have given up my original plans.

The property directly bordering on the sea with a total area of 4565 square metres (with certificate) lies on the main island of Bunaken in the NATIONAL PARK BUNAKEN, one of the most famous dive sites of the world, 45 minutes by boat from Manado (with international airport) in North Sulawesi/Indonesia.

According to Indonesian right the land acquisition is not possible for foreigners. However, foreign people can attain a right of use ("Hak Pakai") with rights similar to owners. On this basis the Resorts and dive resorts are operated on Bunaken by foreigners.

We offer the property from now on to the use as a Dive Resort or "Homestay". It might be one of the few still available and suitable objects. on the island.

Addendum: As I stop coming to Bunaken for reasons of age, the property is from now on also offered for sale.

Lage des Grundstücks

(The map is taken from the OpenStreetMap project and
stands under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike-Lizenz 2.0. )

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Grundstück nach RodungGrundstück nach Rodung
These pictures had been made in 2002 immediately after the acquisition. We cleared the area in order to get an overview and to be able to get an idea of a future cultivation. In the meantime, the nature has recaptured the country again.
Grundstück nach RodungBlick vom Meer
View on Sea. Just before the property is the reef.
View of the land from the sea
Strand vor Grundstück
The beach in front of the property