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Snorkelling and Diving on Bunaken Island (Sulawesi)

(Updated November 2018)

I had already said goodbye to Bunaken for ever. During a visit with our family in Jakarta we went to the wonderful island now once again anyway.
After our good experiences in 2015 we stayed in BUNAKEN SEAGARDEN and CACALANG again. I will report to you about it soon.

Update 2015

My Dive Holidays 2013

My holidays on Bunaken in North - Sulawesi

If you are looking for insiders' tips for Tours, Scuba Diving or Snorkelling on Bunaken in North Sulawesi / Indonesia, perhaps you can find a couple of useful suggestions on these pages. After many holidays in BUNAKEN NATIONAL PARK in the past 10 years I can give you now a report on my unforgettable experiences. If you are making plans for your own diving holidays in Indonesia, you will find some useful general tips, how to behave correctly, to avoid dangers, to use an Indonesian toilet and bathroom in the traditionell way and many more. Links to other websites for scuba divers and about diving, about North Sulawesi and general information about Indonesia may also assist you at your preparations.

"Hot tips": Homestays and Dive Centers

I was often asked by visitors of my website, which Dive Center or accommodation they should choose. They have been confused by the numerous dive centres and resorts to be found on the Internet and they did not trust to the much too tempting grandstanding there.

I have therefore added a new menu item after my return from Bunaken in February 2004 about the Resorts on Bunaken known to me after my return in February, 2004 (updated after my stay Okt Nov., 2011).  It is a description of the homestays and dive centers on Bunaken, which I got to know. Maybe stupid. Possibly you become infected by my enthusiasm and you snatch away the nicest Bunganlow near the beach from under my nose next year. Actually, I should also not have published the nice underwater photos rather. And also not...

My UW-Videos
Diving around Bunaken Part 1 (2011)
Diving around Bunaken Part 2 (2011)
Diving around Bunaken Part 3 (2011)
Diving around Bunaken Part 4 (2011)
My holiday on Bunaken 2006
Doting love on Bunaken

This is a private, independent site for divers and snorklers, not for the resorts. It shall call your attention to the essentials and help you in searching a appropiate accommodation. You find there a comprehensive description of the differences between the Resorts on Bunaken concerning location, furnishings, cuisine, bathroom / toilet, atmosphere, service at living and diving . Use the links to the detailled descriptions of our experiences in some Resorts during our past holidays. I have selected these resorts because I would like to recommend them - compared to others at the same price range-. And quite new since 2008 is there a very recommendable offer for groups.


Reasonably and without fear staying and diving around Bunaken

Most of the time my family and me lived for financial reasons (mostly 2-3 months) in one of the many reasonably priced local cottages. We spent our days with snorkelling on the numerous reefs around the island, wandering through the island and making tours to the surrounding area.

You can find reports with many photos about the life on Bunaken and a description of our tours, also with many pictures. In the course of years I have made many good experiences, but also unpleasant ones. Partly also because of unawareness of the local circumstances and partly because of the nature of the people. Hence, I have added for you some important advice. At the moment a column "FAQ" (frequent questions and answers) comes into being.

Some people would not like to travel to Indonesia any more for fear of possible terrorist acts. They think that the danger is ubiquitous in a mainly Islamic country. These guys should know, though, that North Sulawesi is largely inhabited by Christians and also the culture is characterized by Christianity. Muslims and Buddhists live as a minority there. I do not have experienced any religious fanaticism  in North Sulawesi. On the contrary: I could  primarily on Bunaken learn that all religious groups handled each other very tolerantly and friendly. One admittedly may not feel completely safe any more in Indonesia since the terrorist attacks within the last years. But where on this planet you are still sure? If one liked to exclude every risk, then one however should avoid stations, undergrounds and discotheques in Europe or America and - diving - .